Dec 16
HEMI 426
admin | Automotive, Illustration | 12 16th, 2013| Comments Off on HEMI 426

Illustration for a t-shirt design commemorating the 50th anniversary of the HEMI 426.

HEMI 426

Dec 1
World of Wheels 2014
admin | Automotive, Illustration | 12 1st, 2013| Comments Off on World of Wheels 2014

It’s that time again! Here’s the series of t-shirt designs I made for the 2014 World of Wheels tour.


Six designs total, plus a special Autorama Houston design this year. Check them out…
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Nov 26
Goodguys Piston
admin | Automotive, Illustration | 11 26th, 2013| Comments Off on Goodguys Piston

Here’s a fun kid’s shirt design for the folks at Goodguys

Goodguys Piston

Oct 29
Shelby Cobras
admin | Automotive, Illustration | 10 29th, 2013| Comments Off on Shelby Cobras

Shelby design for licensed apparel. The cars are illustrated, the background landscapes are my own photos.

Shelby Cobras

Oct 22

Design for MOPAR-licensed apparel line.

Willys Gassers

Oct 16
Bullitt 45
admin | Automotive, Design, Illustration | 10 16th, 2013| Comments Off on Bullitt 45

This piece was commissioned for posters and t-shirts for the 45th anniversary celebration of the filming of the chase scene in the film Bullitt in San Francisco.

Bullitt 45

Oct 14
EC Source Helicopter
admin | Illustration | 10 14th, 2013| Comments Off on EC Source Helicopter

T-shirt art for a high-wire act. The client didn’t want the logo in the bottom corner of the design after all, so it was printed on the front chest, but I think it looks more balanced like this.

EC Source Helicopter

Oct 10
Tree City Classics
admin | Automotive, Illustration | 10 10th, 2013| Comments Off on Tree City Classics

T-shirt design for a car show. The end client had a lot of specific items they wanted, including a local landmark: a courthouse with a tree growing from the clock tower.

Tree City Design

Oct 9
Laser Engraved Boxes
admin | Illustration | 10 9th, 2013| Comments Off on Laser Engraved Boxes

Here’s something different: A series of pen and ink drawings laser engraved on wooden boxes which contain collectible silver bullets and challenge coins. Sold by Silver Moon Ammo.

Ammo Boxes

May 3
Puerco Pueblo Project
admin | Archaeology, Illustration | 05 3rd, 2013| Comments Off on Puerco Pueblo Project

Late in 2011, I was hired by Petrified Forest National Park to provide illustrations for new interpretive signage for the 600 year old archaeological site of Puerco Pueblo. In 2012, I worked with park rangers and archaeologists to reconstruct daily life in the pueblo’s plaza as well as a birds-eye view of how the pueblo may have looked in the fourteenth century.

Puerco Aerial
Click image for larger view.

Puerco Plaza Scene
Click image for larger view.

Click below to see sketches and photos of the installed signs…
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