Oct 29
Shelby Cobras
admin | Automotive, Illustration | 10 29th, 2013| Comments Off on Shelby Cobras

Shelby design for licensed apparel. The cars are illustrated, the background landscapes are my own photos.

Shelby Cobras

Oct 23
BOSS 302
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Boss 302 Mustang

Oct 22

Design for MOPAR-licensed apparel line.

Willys Gassers

Oct 16
Bullitt 45
admin | Automotive, Design, Illustration | 10 16th, 2013| Comments Off on Bullitt 45

This piece was commissioned for posters and t-shirts for the 45th anniversary celebration of the filming of the chase scene in the film Bullitt in San Francisco.

Bullitt 45

Oct 14
EC Source Helicopter
admin | Illustration | 10 14th, 2013| Comments Off on EC Source Helicopter

T-shirt art for a high-wire act. The client didn’t want the logo in the bottom corner of the design after all, so it was printed on the front chest, but I think it looks more balanced like this.

EC Source Helicopter

Oct 9
Laser Engraved Boxes
admin | Illustration | 10 9th, 2013| Comments Off on Laser Engraved Boxes

Here’s something different: A series of pen and ink drawings laser engraved on wooden boxes which contain collectible silver bullets and challenge coins. Sold by Silver Moon Ammo.

Ammo Boxes