I’m a fine artist, illustrator, graphic designer and student of nature. I do artwork for t-shirts, books, exhibits, packaging, identity design and advertising. I have a passion for detail, so naturally, my work is highly realistic and well suited for educational and scientific applications.

I’m well versed in most traditional media, my favorite being scratch board drawing, but most of my commercial work is now done digitally, using programs such as Photoshop and Painter.

Most of my full-time jobs have been in the screen printed apparel industry. This field has its own set of techniques and technologies that are not common in the commercial art world.

I also work as a field artist and photographer for archaeological projects, primarily rock art recording. This former pastime has been integrated into my business and provides me with the opportunity to travel to interesting and remote locations, meet some fantastic people, and embark on exciting adventures.

Thanks for visiting.

Scott Seibel